More on UV’s first day in Spain

UV arrived in Spain shortly before 07.00 UTC. Recently he has been flying non-stop for 8 or more hours but he had a brief pause shortly before 10.00 at the Embalse de Guadalcacin.

UV spends 20 mins or so by the reservoir

This is an important site for the Spanish osprey population. Early in the Andalucian reintroduction program a pair of non-reintroduced ospreys tried to breed there but failed. This article has more about the Spanish reintroduction program. By 2012 successful breeding was occurring at Guadalcacin so UV will have seen other ospreys yesterday morning.

Data reveals UV didn’t stop again until 17.39 by which time he had covered 392 km in the day. He had flown over the relatively low Sierra Norte mountain range and stopped in an area NE of Almadén, a town famed for its mercury mines.

the area UV chose for roosting
courtesy Street View

Although UV has spent many an hour perched near mines in Senegal he chose a more traditional spot for his roost last night.

21 April: UV’s roost

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2 Responses to More on UV’s first day in Spain

  1. Jo says:

    An interesting paper Joanna …… thank you ….. I wonder if UV’s pause at Guadalcacin was because he saw other ospreys ….. I wonder if he considered staying …….

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