UV is in Spain

After a frustrating Thursday for UV, prevented by gales from crossing to Europe, he set out early this morning from an inland roost and possibly took advantage of a drop in wind levels just before dawn. He was offshore by 06.05 UTC and flew 25 km over the Strait of Gibraltar to reach Spain before 07.00. He was at low altitude in the two fixes over water.

courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

UV carried on with no recorded pause until last fix at 16.33. To last fix UV has flown 3949 km since 13 April on his migration.

Paul’s graphic shows UV’s travel through Spain to late afternoon. His course is taking him towards Madrid.

21 April: UV reaches Europe
courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

Paul’s weather forecast for UV tomorrow:- “Inland, away from the coasts, weather is Spain tomorrow will be fine and reasonably clear, winds light to very light, variable.”

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2 Responses to UV is in Spain

  1. Jo says:

    2,000 kms and you’re home kidda! Fly safe :-)

  2. Cathy says:

    Good lad!! Keep safe UV

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