Easter Osprey Watches

This year Northumberland Wildlife Trust are running Osprey Watch again at Kielder Waterside Park  Saturday to Monday until mid/late August when the ospreys migrate. Here are a few words about the first weekend from Katy Smart, the newly appointed Kielder Osprey Assistant. Over to Katy:-

The first weekend of Osprey Watch flew off to a great start with high visitor numbers (nearly 400) and mostly dry weather. Much activity on the nests were watched over the three days via the cabins’ live camera streams including Nest 2 EB laying her first egg this year, fittingly on Easter Sunday. With the support of great volunteers, visitors were able to experience their first osprey sightings, and learn more about this incredible bird of prey. This is just the start of the season, so let’s see what else unfolds! Hope to see you there.

one of the incubation changeovers seen by visitors
(c) Forestry Commission England

Volunteers Tim, Jan and Gillie sent this Report about Monday:-

We had a steady day with fish being brought in to both nests and mid afternoon, visitors had good views of 37 from Nest 2 as he flew past the viewpoint with a fish, arriving at the nest shortly afterwards.

EB’s happy to see 37!
(c) Forestry Commission ENgland

Also mid afternoon, a pair of Buzzards had a squabble with Nest 1A’s occupants before quickly gaining height and drifting off.

Most visitors were from The Borders, North-East or Yorkshire, mainly day visitors,with lots of children, but a fair few were staying at the nearby lodges. Some were repeat visitors from previous years, but it was great to welcome the fascinated first timers who found our Osprey story so fulfilling.

We were also fortunate to see Crossbills, Siskins and Redpolls as well as the more numerous Chaffinchs, then mid afternoon, a fine pair of Goosanders appeared close “inshore” and initially looked to be entering the inlet behind our site, before heading off elsewhere, looking for somewhere to nest. There was also a mouse but we didn’t check out which species before leaving.

Visitors kept on arriving all afternoon, despite a brief shower, so we didn’t leave till after 4.30.

Tim, Jan and Gillie





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