N1A – those four eggs!

It is hard to see the four eggs YA and Mrs YA are incubating. Not only is their protection of the nest cup area minimising glimpses but also the nestcam is quite a basic model with no optical PTZ – pan, tilt, zoom – to allow us to post ‘easy to see’ videos. In this enhanced image the view of the eggs is about as good as we’re likely to achieve. Note also YA’s carefully curled talons as he approaches the eggs.

two mottled eggs and one pale, one dark
(c) Forestry Commission England
courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

Here is the clip from which Paul made the enhancement. Press HD for best quality.

Today extra moss was restricting the view again. YA brought in a trout for Mrs YA but had difficulty extracting one talon from it.

YA tries to let Mrs YA take the trout
(c) Forestry Commission England

YA incubated whilst Mrs YA enjoyed brunch elsewhere. He fiddles with moss around the edge so there was a chance the contents of the cup would be revealed, but no joy.

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