UV nears Europe

Data tonight gave UV’s position and infilled missing data.

UV’s route today
courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

UV has completed a couple of days of very fast travel,  on 17 April he flew 641 km and 18 April 571 km.  These are the fastest recorded overland distances to our knowledge.

Since leaving the Langue de Barbarie on 13 April he has travelled 2640 km. He has never taken this route before. As you can see from Paul’s graphic he is headed for the shortest sea crossing to Europe. But will he make it tomorrow? Paul’s wind chart shows unfavourable conditions.

courtesy Paul Wildlifewrite

There are gale force easterlies in the Straits and western Mediterranean at the moment. The wind speeds are forecast to be from 50 -75 km/hr. These winds are too strong for an osprey to cross safely into Europe, so UV might have to wait in Morocco until Sunday before moving forward.

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One Response to UV nears Europe

  1. Cirrus says:

    I sincerely hope UV does wait!! Keep safe and take your time UV – it’s still April after all

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