FLASH – Four eggs again for the Nest 1A pair

On returning from a visit to Nest 3 (no eggs yet) one of the first sights on Nest 1A was of four eggs when Mrs YA moved her clutch around.

Mrs YA rolls her four eggs
(c) Forestry Commission England
courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

It is easier to see that there are four by watching the video although it may take a couple of replays! Press HD for best quality.

Last year the Nest 1A pair reared four chicks to fledging. They were healthy and had at least average weights for a three egg clutch at ringing. One did not return after fledging so this year we long for good weather and no mishaps.

We believe that the same female laying four eggs in consecutive years is a UK record. If you can recall a case please let us know.

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3 Responses to FLASH – Four eggs again for the Nest 1A pair

  1. Jo says:

    Well … who’s so clever then …… Well done again Kielder ….. Over the moon for you :-)

  2. Cirrus says:

    Wonderful news, especially since four chicks were successfully raised last year

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