UV is making excellent progress

We weren’t sure we would receive data today as UV could have been well out of range of a cell tower, but he has been speeding along. There is a lot of incomplete data but this image shows how far he has flown in the last two days.

UV is not hanging around!

Since leaving his roost yesterday morning from which time we are missing data, he has flown about 1200 km. As Paul forecast, there have been helpful winds but even so…

This graphic from Paul fills in some fixes that are in the data file but not on the above Google Earth image because the signal dropped out. The last yellow fix was 16.50 UTC.

UV should be able to roost in trees tonight
(c) Forestry Commission England. Courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

This is such a different migration to UV’s first Spring migration in 2016. Fascinating.

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One Response to UV is making excellent progress

  1. Jo says:

    Wow!! He’s certainly firing on all cylinders!

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