Finally, three eggs visible on Nest 1A. Just!

Gaining insight into what the nest cup on Nest 1A contains has been a tricky task but some of the obstructions  have been moved and partial views are possible. The first time frame by frame analysis of shuffles revealed three eggs was this morning.

zoomed and digitally enhanced
(c) Forestry Commission England. Image courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

No zoom/enhancement but arrows to assist on the next image. If you click on the image it will show full page but you’ll need to return to the page, not close the image.

three eggs
(c) Forestry Commission England

Here is the video, press HD for best quality on embedded videos.

Later in the day part of three eggs could again be seen.

more arrows
(c) Forestry Commission England

And the video.

So when was egg 3 laid? Best guess is late on wet and windy 16 April morning. YA hadn’t incubated but in wet weather females tend to do all the work. Sometimes we could see the top of two eggs lying side by side when she shuffled the eggs but on occasion none were visible in the deep cup. At 13.31 when she stood there was one egg under her tail and not by her brood patch. But only one egg was in view in that cosy place so we were still unclear if the rear egg was newly laid.

Tomorrow morning there’ll be an update on Nest 2 with one egg and Nest 4, none yet. Here’s a video of some typical osprey action – Nest 3 yesterday afternoon, no eggs by late afternoon there.

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2 Responses to Finally, three eggs visible on Nest 1A. Just!

  1. Jo says:

    Well done YA and Mrs …… are we going for the top pocket again this year I wonder ….. Good luck!

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