Second egg for Nest 1A

Losing the direct view into the nest cup thanks to good parents YA and Mrs YA building a high nest rim and deep cup is a bit of a blow for humans but we are sure the second egg was laid today. This image from Paul shows Mrs YA pushing ‘something’ which resulted in part of an egg becoming visible.

there must be another egg
(c) Forestry Commission England
enlargement courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

The ‘something’ was probably an egg. This is a video of the moments around the image. Press HD for best quality.

The second egg was probably laid a couple of hours earlier. Mrs YA had taken over incubating from YA at 10.35. She wasn’t fidgeting which can be a sign of an imminent egg – she mostly napped. But at 11.49 she chipped a few times, was more alert and when she rose at 11.51 her behaviour could indicate she had just laid the second egg. Paul has cropped the footage which provides greater insight albeit at slightly lower resolution.

Late in the afternoon YA was incubating again and moved a stick and some moss at the front of the nest so we may be treated to better views today!

Many thanks to Paul for much work on the footage.

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One Response to Second egg for Nest 1A

  1. Jo says:

    Good news again ….. thank you Joanna and Paul …… all systems go ……

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