White YA returns

White YA, the breeding male on Nest 1A, landed on his nest at 13.23 (ignore the time stamp, adjustment required).

touchdown imminent
(c) Forestry Commission England

He moved some sticks, looked about and performed a couple of nest scrapes before departing after about 30 minutes.

too much moss in here!
(c) Forestry Commission England

There will be more tomorrow once review of the nestcams has taken place. The Kielder season starts!

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9 Responses to White YA returns

  1. Tiger Mozone says:

    Congratulations. Always great to see YA back. No need for a taxi this year :)

  2. thehutts says:

    Great news. 1 down, how quickly will the rest follow? Sally

  3. Joyce Sawford says:

    Brilliant news Joanna :-)

  4. Jack Green says:

    Great news

  5. Jo says:

    Excellent news!! :-) So very pleased you’re off!!

  6. Cirrus says:

    Wonderful news Joanna may YA have a great year. (and hurry home Odin you’re due tomorrowl)

  7. Ann says:

    Great news, JD, I am thrilled he is back. I remember the fish farm incident and talk of a taxi–YA is a treasure and one very lucky Osprey! Fingers crossed that Mrs YA and a few of their former chicks turn up as well.

  8. Vivien Finn says:

    Delighted to see YA at his nest again, Joanna.

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