UV in January

The last post described an unusual day when UV was airborne for as many hours as during migration. This one looks back at his activity in January as a whole. No better way to start than with a heatmap created by Paul by inputting thousands of flying fixes. A lot of work.

courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

You can see from the bright red that UV’s foraging is focussed on an area just offshore and which is opposite the ever expanding breach which severed the Langue de Barbarie.

Here is the map for the period covering his arrival in his wintering grounds.

courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

In January UV has concentrated on foraging further south, with some limited activity in the north.

As January progressed the red area became his main area for low level foraging. It still is, this is the area in close up yesterday. UV hovered several times and could have caught supper.

Maybe a catch

Maybe a catch

Many of the other fixes, especially the ones further from land, are too high to be foraging and we’ve commented before on UV’s long periods at higher altitudes. Is he looking for fish shoals when high in the sky? UV will have mastered the technical process of catching fish, but he will still be adding to his experience of how the overall landscape works for foraging.

In January 2017 UV spent more time inland than during January 2016. Last year he went to the southern end of the Langue de Barbarie often towards the end of the month, this year he has only been there early in the month.

UV has found new inland areas to perch this January. Overall, the data seems to suggest that he is still maturing and gaining experience as an adult osprey, which can only bode well for his possible future as a nest provider.

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4 Responses to UV in January

  1. Cirrus says:

    Once again, grateful thanks to Paul. Good to have another update Joanne, thank you. If we could only get into the mind of an Osprey. And thy will all be returning soon (safely one trusts)

  2. jw4926 says:

    So much work Paul – thank you ……. and for your update too Joanna. The lad is certainly gaining skills ….. Has anyone seen him physically yet?

    • joannadailey says:

      Nobody has told us they have seen him, JW.

      The end year survey by Project Tougoupeul may have him in their count totals but given his tendency to fly high his ring/tracker wouldn’t have been visible on the few occasions he was over the main survey area.

  3. Starling says:

    Thank you jaydee & Paul for all his hard work. Looking forward to the next update. I have to say the information that has been gained from UV has been well worth it, I wasn’t really in favour of trackers.before.

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