Out and about

It has been nearly two weeks since an update on UV and mostly his activity can be summed up as ‘more of the same’.  Over several consecutive days he can perch for most of the time in one small area then desert what appeared a favourite place. Whilst a few sites – for example the island of Doune Baba Dieye  – are frequent destinations UV has found some new perches recently. Mostly they are in scrub rather than right on the coast.

There are exceptions but UV returns to a roost area at or after sunset – around 19.00 – most days and he is recorded over water just before sunrise (about 07.30) often enough to conclude he usually forages early.

As we’ve said previously UV flies over the river or sea more times each day than is necessary for his energy requirements. The following images show different behaviours.

out to sea

out to sea

These high flying trips out to sea could be looking for shoals of fish. Still the authority, the University of Edinburgh 1982 PhD,  The Wintering Ecology of Ospreys by Yves André Prevost had this to say:- “When foraging 1 to 5 km out at sea, for sardines or flying fish, Ospreys often rose up to an estimated height of 300 m, apparently to locate fish, then came down slowly before diving from up to 100 m.”

But today UV flew about 3.5 km out to sea at relatively low altitudes.

low and slow

low and slow

The fixes were between 5 and 10 minutes apart and UV could have been higher and faster in between them. The group of fixes below 09.34 were mainly 20 minutes apart and he could have been perched somewhere between them, but that area is a favourite hunting ground.

Until recently UV hadn’t been going so far out to sea. We’ll explore why this change may have occurred in a future post.

On 13 January UV displayed more typical behaviour for recent weeks, staying fairly close to shore.

a typical foray over water

a typical foray over water

The yellow-circled fixes appear to show UV perched in water but the sand in all those areas is probably above sea level most if not all of the time nowadays.

Finally, on 16 January UV explored around the National Park area of the Langue de Barbarie, his original ‘home’ there.

a change of mind?

a change of mind?

It looks as though he was heading inland when something attracted his attention – perhaps ospreys or gulls showing interest in a shoal? – and off he went to join in!

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8 Responses to Out and about

  1. Vivien Finn says:

    Thanks for this update, Joanna. Might UV be choosing to fly lower over the sea to take advantage of updraft. Less wing flapping? Just a thought. No need to reply I’m content to wait for the next post. :)

  2. Vic says:

    Definitely not a creature of fixed habits :)

  3. jw4926 says:

    He’s very much doing his own thing as he did at Kielder – going where his fancy takes him. Long may his explorations continue ……..

  4. Tiger Mozone says:

    When I saw a reference to a PhD from Edinburgh 1982 I could not help wondering if Dr Prevost had collected his certificate at the same ceremony as I had. Well I still have the document relating to that graduation.

    After a false start I found that his name was indeed in the programme and I speculated how I might have talked to him about ospreys even though my interest in our feathered friends lay somewhat in the future.

    Then I noticed that he had collected his degree in absentiâ. So we did not nearly meet after all.

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