Sand and sky

The last post about UV focussed on his activity south of the area he’s frequented since he returned to Senegal. So you can guess what happened next – he hardly went south again! Until yesterday when he was mainly very high over the Langue de Barbarie National Park area.

UV has had some quiet days when he perches in a very small area for a few hours but there are some intriguing aspects too. In some earlier posts we’ve put images of UV apparently perching on water. On 11 December there are several examples of this where UV is south of the northern section of the Langue de Barbarie.

Wet or dry feet?

Wet or dry feet?

The Google Earth imagery is from May 2016 (that is recent, Kielder Forest is mostly 2009!) and for the most part the sandbanks visible in shallow water will be land now. Paul has calculated that since UV has been in the area (mid October) the north spit has extended by at least 38m. So he is perching on areas that are now land all or most of the time.

UV has foraged near to the shore and also a little way out to sea. Satellite imagery shows plankton bloom on many days now, good feeding for fish.

courtesy Paul wildlifewriter

courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

Some spots are especially attractive to UV when he is foraging.

A hot spot?

A hot spot?

As you can see in the image he returned to a small area after a foray south. He may have caught a fish but we can’t be sure.

UV is settled in his wintering grounds after his first return to the UK and Kielder. For his followers it has been a wonderful year, seeing his epic Spring migration and nestcam footage of him.

He’s just getting on with life each day and long may that last.

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4 Responses to Sand and sky

  1. Cirrus says:

    Oh for crying – how fast is a knot ! but thanks it’s good to get news of UV again. I’ll just have to do a search

  2. JW4926 says:

    The lad’s on his hols! Interesting Paul’s calculations re. spit extending and yours regarding his perching on land – he must be feeling safe, which is good. Thank you once again for all the hard work you are both putting in regarding UV’s travels – it is much appreciated. Stay safe and well UV – there are so many questions we need answering upon your return :-)

  3. Vivien Finn says:

    He’s content with where he is, good fishing and some exploration when he feels the need. Keep safe UV!

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