UV remains in Portugal. And news of a bird survey in Senegal

Last week’s post about UV described him being in ‘explore mode’, flying for several hours a day in the Alentejo region of Portugal. Since 27 September he has been a lot more settled. Paul has analysed weather data to determine if it is a factor in UV’s behaviour. Over to Paul:-

“UV’s continued stopover in Portugal is not enforced by the weather. Migration conditions have been quite favourable, with northerly winds prevailing over most of the western flyway. This situation looks set to continue for the coming week. There may be some strong winds locally in the Straits of Gibraltar – often seen from day to day at this time of year – but the general picture is that migration into west Africa should not present many problems.”

Paul has prepared an animation showing the wind speed and direction forecast from today until 11 October. This still from it of today shows the area of SW Portugal that UV has been in the past week or so.

UV's recent range is within the red circle

UV’s recent range is within the red circle

The animation, press HD for best quality…

On his 2014 Autumn migration UV didn’t reach Senegal until the end of January 2015. If he takes as long this time he’ll miss the chance to be counted in an important bird survey in the Langue de Barbarie National Park which is planned for the end of the year as part of Project Tougoupeul. If you click on the link you’ll find the Project carries out worthwhile and wide ranging work in Senegal. Of special interest to us UV features in an article on the website by Blanca Perez and Rafa Benjumea of Ecotono Birding Sevilla who conducted the 2015 survey.

This article on the Ecotono website describes in more detail the birdlife found during the 2015 survey in the Langue de Barbarie National Park as well as background about the area.

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1 Response to UV remains in Portugal. And news of a bird survey in Senegal

  1. Cirrus says:

    Of course UV is famous ! They certainly got that right :) . But, if he’s still in Portugal it means he still has to face Sahara. I’m glum about that. Has any Osprey ever decided to take a packed lunch in its talons to cross the Sahara …………

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