UV U turns

The last post on UV described him slowing down and starting to explore. This graphic by Paul of UV’s track on 20 September shows the start of the changed behaviour. Times are UTC.

courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

The kinks on the track are usually when UV is catching a thermal – sometimes this happens several times an hour. This animation by Paul shows such a section of UV’s track. Click on the image to play.

playOn Wednesday UV spent most of the day around the Rio Corona.

UV chills out!

UV chills out!

By the end of Wednesday he’d travelled 2300 km since leaving N England. Would he stop at the river for a few days?

The answer is ‘no’ – after spending Thursday morning in the same area UV set off south. But then he made a U turn.

courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

The reason for the U turn wasn’t weather. Migration conditions to cross to NW Africa were ideal. When he was heading south UV was flying high enough to have seen the Atlantic Ocean to the west and south. He would also have recognised places he stayed and visited during his 3 months in SW Portugal in 2014. Yet he didn’t divert to re-visit them until he was over São Teotónio, a small municipality between the hills and the lower agricultural land near the coast.

UV starts to head north

UV starts to head north

By 15.11 UV was near the Rio Mira which he would remember from 2014.

Yesterday was UV’s 13th day of migration. His is a very different journey to Rutland Osprey Project’s 30(05) who flew from Rutland to Senegal in the same number of days.

The weather over the next few days looks fairly settled, perhaps cloudier conditions later in the weekend. But will UV will take advantage to cross to Africa?

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3 Responses to UV U turns

  1. thehutts says:

    Must have a trip to Portugal one spring or autumn! Duncan spotted that UV visited another French island we have been to – the island of Noirmoutier – which we visited in October 2011. No blog post I am afraid but I will try and find some photos.
    Thanks for all your hard work Paul and Joanna. Sally

    • joannadailey says:

      Thanks, Sally, but it doesn’t feel like hard work!

      It would be interesting to see photos of Noirmoutier if you can find any.

  2. JW4926 says:

    I would love to know what’s going thro’ the boy’s mind when he changes tack, so to speak …….. (nothing to do with flying techniques). Thank you Joanna again for the update – Paul – your graphics are wonderful – thank you :-)

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