UV slows down

Today’s data shows that UV has switched out of ‘migration mode’ as he travels S/SW in Portugal. Here is an overview of yesterday in Google Earth. One of Paul’s clear graphics will follow tomorrow.

20 Sept: UV's modest travel

20 Sept: UV’s modest travel

Yesterday UV made a couple of stops after leaving his roost around 06.30 UTC so it wasn’t until about 08.50 that he resumed his migration. But he was only 120-150m above terrain and was flying at slower speed than usual when migrating. He did gain height as he approached the Rio Tejo and would have seen an area he recognised from his first migration in 2014. In this image his 2014 track is green.

An area with striking features

An area with striking features

At closest yesterday UV was about 65m away from his position in 2014. The irrigated fields are quite noticeable alongside the river and the islet too is a landmark. Having reached the river UV flew towards the estuary for a while then went to perch in some trees nearby.

courtesy Street View

courtesy Street View

He changed position to a telegraph pole in a field opposite the trees.

courtesy Street View

courtesy Street View

UV was by the Tejo for over 1.5 hours then flew on towards the Rio Sado at Setubal. Again a familiar sight. 2014 is the green track.

Close at the rivers but not between them

Close at the rivers but not between them

Yesterday UV’s route curved gently to end as a SSW course by 17.40 when he halted briefly before roosting in woodland.

This morning’s limited amount of data revealed he stopped several times before noon. Is he heading for a stopover – the weather shouldn’t have held him up – or just taking a day or so out?


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4 Responses to UV slows down

  1. jw4926 says:

    Writing postcards home …… :-)

  2. Mike Simmonds says:

    The ability to find out precisely which tree or telegraph pole he perched on seems incredible! Technology!

  3. Cirrus says:

    Talking of ‘which’ tree Mike – just imagine walking down this little road unaware of the fact that a wonderful bird called an Osprey was just a few feet away from you. Or maybe a real observer might have caught a glimse of UV and thought ”Wow, what is that bird”

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