UV flies on

UV’s data arrived quite early today with a last fix of 10.55 UTC. Here is a graphic from Paul of his progress through Spain so far. Times are UTC.

UV makes progress courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

UV makes progress
courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

UV’s course is taking him towards Portugal where he could fly down the coastline as he did in his 2014 Autumn migration. Or he may have headed south next fix!

Yesterday UV travelled for approximately 7 hours after his long flight the previous day. He roosted in agricultural land near Pollos in Valladolid Province.

18 Sept UV's roost area

18 Sept UV’s roost area

This photo was taken a few km away to the north.

Today UV left his roost early and from around 06.00 to 08.00 was perched in a wood near the shallow Rio Trabancos, which joins the larger Rio Duero to the north. The Trabancos is an important river for birds – see the last paragraph headed ‘Zepa designation’ in this Wikipedia link.

A breakfast stop or just time to bathe and preen?

A breakfast stop or just a time to bathe and preen?

By 08.20 he was flying west as shown in Paul’s graphic at the top of the post.

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4 Responses to UV flies on

  1. jw4926 says:

    Thank you for this news Joanne and the fantastic graphics once again Paul! Does the data break down into altitude at the given points ….. so that it would be able to assess possible feeding stops?

  2. joannadailey says:

    Each data fix records the speed, altitude and course (since last fix) of the carrier. If speed is zero the bird is perched somewhere. On a day of ‘migration mode’ flying it would be very unusual (from my experience of analysing tracking data) for an osprey to stop to feed during that type of travel. Occasionally there is a brief stop but not necessarily by water.

    Ospreys build up reserves prior to migration and do not need to eat every day. And obviously they can’t when over the desert or sea.

  3. jw4926 says:

    Many thanks Joanna ……. I was thinking further on into his migration, when nearer to his eventual destination …….

    • joannadailey says:

      In 2014 UV had three major stages in his migration so relatively few days in each leg. From Portugal to the Gulf of Cintra took four days and all of that was over sea or desert. He didn’t halt at the coast when he reached Africa so he cannot have eaten during that time.

      On his leg from Western Sahara to Senegal he was at the coast all the time and probably did catch fish during the three days of travel.

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