UV is travelling through Spain. And other news

UV was still on his stopover on the River Severn on Friday morning when data came. Yesterday there was no email – this suggested he might be over water.

Today’s data reveals he left the UK at lunchtime on Friday making landfall on the Brittany/Normandy coast. Times are UTC.

UV leaves the UK courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

UV leaves the UK
courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

UV flew 230 km across the Channel at an average speed 49 kph, maximum 74.1 kph with following winds providing assistance.

Yesterday he crossed Brittany on a SW course then flew over the Bay of Biscay for almost 13 hours. The total distance flown on Saturday was 534 km at an average speed of 29.4 kph, maximum 65.3 kph.

Today he is travelling SW through Spain. He may well be aiming for another stopover – in his 2014 Portuguese reservoir area. The forecast for Iberia tomorrow is perfect for migration with quite light NW winds, 5-8 knots.

UV in migration mode courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

UV in migration mode
courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

We haven’t had time to examine the data in detail so there may be another post tomorrow. To the last fix this afternoon he had travelled 1714 km. Many thanks to Paul for rapid work on graphics, weather forecast and statistics.

Back at Kielder there were no further sightings of ospreys on Nest 2 so it is likely 37 began his migration on 14 September.

The Nest 4 ospreys have also migrated. Y8, who was fitted with a GSM tracker, was still there on 8 September but we haven’t received any data since then. On 8 September Y8 was still around the nest area. The ospreys had all left Nest 4 on migration by 11 September however it isn’t known where Y8 encountered a problem – the likeliest explanation for lack of data. In the US a tracked juvenile, Trepassey, does appear to be fine despite the data ceasing. It is possible that Y8’s tracker malfunctioned but there is no reason from the telemetry to suspect that to be the case. Nevertheless it would be wonderful if Y8 is seen on his migration.

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3 Responses to UV is travelling through Spain. And other news

  1. jw4926 says:

    I’m so pleased that all is well with UV …… I hope news of Y8 comes soon ………

  2. thehutts says:

    Thanks for the amazing update. Looking forward to the next installment. Sally

  3. vivien Finn says:

    Thanks Joanna and Paul for this news. I’m delighted to know that UV is having a good migration. He’s doing very well. Fingers crossed that you receive positive information on Y8.

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