UV continues south

Data for UV’s migration arrived at 12.00 BST and he is continuing south. The first image shows his migration route yesterday.

UV on a mainly southerly course

UV on a mainly southerly course

He stopped at 18.21 UTC here, near Flashbrook in Shropshire.

First stop since before 10.17 courtesy Street View

First stop since before 10.17
courtesy Street View

UV’s roost was on a similar field edge NE of Newport; a photo of his lovely view was taken very nearby.

Yesterday he travelled 260 km.

Today at 06.39 UTC he was perched by a country lane 10 km south of his roost.

06.39 UV was perched at the corner courtesy Street View

06.39 UV was perched at the corner
courtesy Street View

In the next fix at 07.47 UV was sitting a bit further south near some pools. He may have bathed.

He was flying in all the other fixes.

11 Sept UV's route

11 Sept UV’s route

He had about 160 km to fly before reaching the south coast.

Where will UV end today?

Where will UV end today?

Paul has analysed the weather data. Over to him:-

“For migration purposes, the UK this morning is an east-west split. To the east (Thames, Dover, Isle of Wight) winds are still very light and mainly from the north, which will help birds to cross. Visibility over the channel is good. In the western approaches and sea areas Plymouth, Portland, winds are becoming stronger and will be from the south. UV seems to be heading for this part of southern England. Will he get “blocked” as so many other ospreys were, last week? We shall have to wait and see.”

Thanks to Paul for this wind chart.

courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

Safe travel, UV.


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6 Responses to UV continues south

  1. Cirrus says:

    Oh, that UV could be so close to a ‘c’ road. I hike many of those. The idea that one day I just might catch a glimise of an Osprey perched cose by !!!! Keep safe precious one.

  2. Vic Paine says:

    Not sure about the chart, the wind in Sussex was from the South this afternoon. Let’s hope he goes for a more direct route south than his Northerly route this Spring!

    • joannadailey says:

      Usually they follow similar Spring routes, which should be fine. And Autumn ones, which we’d prefer he doesn’t repeat!

  3. Shropshire Lass says:

    The country lane where UV perched at 6.39 is very local to me, there is a pool very close by and a brook which may be why he was there. How I would love to have seen him, but he was up too early for me on a Sunday!

    • joannadailey says:

      Wesley Brook or the pool were probably the attraction, Shropshire Lass. At least you have great insight into where UV chose to stop even if you didn’t see him. Thanks for your comment.

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