UV starts his Autumn migration

UV has spent his summer in the north of England, occasionally in Scotland, but mostly more or less within the range of a male osprey returning to the natal area.

Recently he has spent most of his time west of Kielder Forest Park on Liddel Water and the Border Esk. He was seen on the Esk on 5 September on BirdGuides. UV’s fixes are UTC.

UV perched by the Border Esk courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

UV perched by the Border Esk
courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

After several days of doing very little he set off on his Autumn migration today.

10 Sept UV starts his Autumn migration (c) Forestry Commission England

10 Sept UV starts his Autumn migration
(c) Forestry Commission England

Last fix was 16.13 GMT. The solar charged battery is very low so there are only hourly fixes at best. As he heads south we hope to get more insight.

Here is a graphic from Paul showing the winds.

courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

This is Paul’s forecast for UV tomorrow:-

“UV will have encountered only light and variable winds on his way south, although general conditions are muggy and overcast. First thing tomorrow (Sun) things will be very similar in the south and east of England. A channel crossing is certainly possible tomorrow morning, although this will change as the day wears on, with a much stronger southerly airstream moving in overnight”

The weather has a major influence on migration as the number of ospreys delaying their Channel crossing on the South coast shows.

Will UV join them or will he make an early start and cross to mainland Europe?

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5 Responses to UV starts his Autumn migration

  1. JW4926 says:

    Stay safe UV …. fly strong …….. enjoy the hols! Thank you – and Joanna and Paul – for all I’ve learned this last few months …… I know I have my local ospreys …… but you’re one special lad!!

  2. vivien Finn says:

    Wishing UV a safe and trouble free migration Joanna. I was rather hoping he would skirt my house again in Warrington but he missed me this time. Thank you Joanna and Paul for all the blogs, technical information, geography lessons, graphs and weather information, all have been most welcome throughout the season.

  3. KeithR says:

    I am sure his summer stay around Kielder was for reasons in the future. I wish him a safe winter and to see him back at Kielder in 2017.

  4. Cirrus says:

    Safte journey UV , thank you for spending so much time with us ; so glad you;’ve made your choice of breeding ground for future years. Just keep safe and return earlly next season .

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