Osprey Watch Report: 14 August

It was a fairly incident free day re ospreys for the last Sunday of Osprey Watch. But Tim, who stayed behind, had a great ‘spot’ of a passage bird of a different species:-

Today was overcast all day and, while drizzle threatened at one point, it remained dry so almost 140 visitors enjoyed generally good conditions.

Most of the time Y1 and Y3 were in view, with fish drops from YA.

Y3 enjoys one of several substantial meals (c) Forestry Commission England

Y3 enjoys one of several substantial meals
(c) Forestry Commission England

A full looking Y3 watches Y1 eating (c) Forestry Commission England

A full looking Y3 watches the world as Y1 eats
(c) Forestry Commission England

There was no sign of Y2. An adult male flew directly over our watchpoint at about 13.00, giving good views.

As usual, there was a mix of day visitors and those on holiday, from all corners of the UK. One parent, whose youngsters joined many others making wooden Ospreys, was from Zimbabwe. He talked of his father’s long term study of Black Eagles back home, a study which has international significance. Another couple, from Sussex, said they’d seen Ospreys on all six continents where they occur, but that this was their first trip to Northumberland-they were loving it!

Again, a steady trickle of folks arrived as we were starting to pack up, so leaving one scope up, we weren’t really finished till well after five.

After sending so many visitors to the squirrel hide and wondering how often they are really seen, I went along myself. A month earlier I had drawn a blank, but this time, two were present all the time. The silence was then broken by a constantly calling Greenshank, my first for Kielder, flying over the canopy and heading south, and a sure sign that the migration season is underway.

Another great year for our Ospreys.

Tim, with Chloe and Pauline

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One Response to Osprey Watch Report: 14 August

  1. Cirrus says:

    Ah, the end of the season . Y2 must have gone. And so have other Ospreys elsewhere. It seems such a short season this year !

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