Three more visits to Kielder for UV

On 19 July UV arrived at Kielder for his longest visit to date. There were many fixes, so a wealth of detail to enable his activity to be interpreted, which Paul did so well in this post. UV was drawn to breeding sites and in particular Nest 2 where he was chased away several times.

He roosted that night in Scotland, a few miles over the border from Kielder. He returned the next day to Kielder Forest to an area not near any of the nests but one he has visited before. The weather was poor with thunderstorms – many lightning forks – and once they had cleared he headed away. Would he return after that experience?!

As the title of the blog indicates he did, three times before the end of the month. Unfortunately the lightning strikes destroyed the microwave link from Nest 2 which limits insight from nestcams.

On 23 July he was in Kielder Forest for a couple of hours. His battery wasn’t well charged and there is no evidence from Nest 1A – which he was fairly near late afternoon – that he intruded. He flew away over the River Lyne which joins the Border Esk.

The next visit on 27 July was a different story. Fixes were still fairly sparse but showed he was over Nest 1A  and quite low as can be seen on the nestcam.

UV's shadow over the nest (c) Forestry Commission England

UV’s shadow over the nest
(c) Forestry Commission England

On his journey to Kielder UV’s course had been towards the North Tyne near Wark – an area he visited before Kielder. But once he’d crossed Hadrian’s Wall he changed course for the reservoir.

On 27 July he would have been seen at two other nest sites.

His most recent visit was on 29 July. The fixes showed him heading straight for Nest 2, the biggest draw for him. How unfortunate we had no coverage. He perched near there in similar behaviour to that described by Paul.

In late afternoon he ventured away and to the Nest 3 area, several miles distant, where he wasn’t seen but his impact can be.

In the first part of this video his shadow is seen at varying heights over Nest 1A on 27 July. On 29 July he isn’t captured on the nestcam but the Nest 3 female is aware of an intruder, returns to the nest, then chases UV away.


UV has been to Kielder eight times. One nestcam showed him land so he was identifiable from the Darvic colour ring. How many returning sub-adults – and others – are missed, even with nestcams?

Paul sums up what we are learning:-

Although the large gaps between fixes on these days make detailed interpretation impossible, the impression remains that UV is putting a lot of hard work into his visits to Kielder and the region around it. This bodes well for his future as a potential breeding bird in seasons to come.

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4 Responses to Three more visits to Kielder for UV

  1. Vic Paine says:

    Without the tracker it would be impossible to know the identity of the intruder in most cases.

  2. JW4926 says:

    Excellent video – thank you ……. As Paul says, he’s putting lot of energy into his explorations …. have there been many intrusions by recognisable females this season ……. ?

    • joannadailey says:

      Most intrusions have been by Ospreys in the distance, Jo. An unringed male has been near Nest 2 and possibly the same one landed on Nest 1 briefly.

      AS6 is the only recent female and she went back to Tweed Valley

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