Nest 2 fledging complete and news from Nests 1A and 3

Nest 2

Field monitoring of Nest 2 has confirmed that Y6 has fledged although the date isn’t known. All three juveniles were flying around the clear fell surrounding the nest site this morning. EB was ‘supervising’ alone – maybe 37 was away towards the Solway Firth catching a flounder! He brought in a trout from the reservoir during inconclusive monitoring on Tuesday. So we have a new record for Kielder with nine juveniles already fledged and the pair on Nest 4 a week or so away from that momentous event.

Nest 1A

Y0 has still not been seen, nor any evidence found of what may have happened to her. But her three siblings on Nest 1A are doing very well. Through the scopes visitors to Osprey Watch have been enjoying watching them flying. They’ve been laughing at their activity on the nest as seen via the nestcam at either the Osprey Cabin at Leaplish Waterside Park or in Kielder Castle Cafe.

Yesterday’s Osprey Watch Report gives a flavour:-

A bright if breezy day welcomed us today, and before we had a chance to set up the first visitors arrived, and the pattern was set for the rest of the day, with a constant stream keeping us busy. A lot of people had been to see Osprey at other sites in Scotland and Rutlland and had a good knowledge, others had just stumbled upon us while on holiday but nevertheless were just as enthusiastic. One family had been there all of Tuesday monitoring the nest and reading all of the information on site and by today were quite experts on all things Osprey!

On arrival today Mrs YA was finishing off the remains of a Trout with Y3, who were on the nest for most of the morning with Y1 having his share and Y2 making a brief visit.

Y1 takes over from Y3 (c) Forestry Commission England

Y1 takes over from Y3 who has flown
(c) Forestry Commission England

Then for about an hour at lunch time the nest was empty. When we were thinking about putting a recording on the screen we were saved by the return of Mrs YA, Y2 and Y3. During the afternoon they were joined at differing times by Y1 and YA and the windy conditions provided some spectacular views through the scopes of Ospreys trying to land successfully on the nest at the same time. (Press the HD button for best quality on a short video of some juvenile action.)

Late afternoon and no sign of a fish had a couple of the young calling to be fed, but were disappointed when first Mrs YA landed with moss and then YA with a large twig.

We estimated we received in excess of 140 visitors with the good weather and school holidays contributing to an eventful day.

Dave and Ian

The juveniles had to wait until 18.37 for a fish and then Y2 and Y3 had a prolonged struggle for possession. This is just part of the battle which was won by Y2.

He then ate for an hour. During this time YA landed with another fish which Y3 snatched before recently landed Y1 could get his talons into full action.

Y1 And Y3 fight it out (c) Forestry Commission England

Y1 And Y3 fight it out
(c) Forestry Commission England

Nest 3

The last few days have been uneventful if the limited recordings are representative. Quite often the nest is empty although the juveniles have been flying round the area. As is usually the case they are still eating on the nest and sometimes an adult feeds the juvenile despite their competence at DiY feeding!

VR eating whilst VH waits (c) Forestry Commission England

VR eating whilst VH waits
(c) Forestry Commission England

the female feeds VR (c) Forestry Commission England

the female feeds VR
(c) Forestry Commission England




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2 Responses to Nest 2 fledging complete and news from Nests 1A and 3

  1. JW4926 says:

    Good news all round Joanna …. just hopeful that one day some information turns up regarding Y0 …… Good that you’re having so many visitors …..

  2. Cirrus says:

    I ‘m so sad about Yo ….. But very thankful forthe three healthy siblings

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