Osprey Watch Report: 23 July and other news

Here’s the Report from yesterday’s very busy Osprey Watch:-

On arrival at 09.40ish 3 chicks were visible on the nest. Even before the scopes were all set up a couple arrived with their own scope. They were from the Netherlands and had already been to the Farne Isles, Bass Rock and Loch Lomond. Today was their last day in the UK before heading home on the ferry.

More visitors arrived, many of them from the NE. Around 11 am an osprey came over the water towards us circling high and gradually heading off towards Kielder.

We were not the only attraction at Leaplish – it was a family fun day with lots of activities. Our visitor numbers increased rapidly with nearly as many children as adults. Families were coming to us after they had taken part in the other activities with lots of the children proudly sporting medals and carrying cups. Several wooden osprey were assembled by children while their parents/carers watched the live stream and chatted about osprey. Many saw the 2.30 fish delivery being eaten, first by Y3 then by her brothers who had quite a tussle over what was left.

The battle for possession just after delivery! (c) Forestry Commission England

The battle for possession just after delivery!
(c) Forestry Commission England

A really great, if tiring, day with one or more birds on the nest for much of the day, no technical problems, hardly any midges, no rain, good views through the scopes including birds sitting in the tree to the right of the nest, lots of children, lots of dogs and at least 224 visitors!

Margaret, David and Alex

Well before Osprey Watch started Y3 showed she need to hone her landing skills a bit. Press the HD button on all the videos for best quality.

On  Friday there were a couple of intrusions by the same unringed osprey. The juveniles defended their nest with gusto!

Blue Y0

Sadly there is still no sign of Blue Y0, missing since fledging before 08.00 on 15 July. The adults are taking fish away from Nest 1A but that is normal behaviour at this stage – a quiet branch to enjoy a bite is preferable to a nest full of shouting juveniles.

Nest 1 footage is being checked in case she has visited there, although where to land is the question!

The Nest 1 garden (c) Forestry Commission England

The Nest 1 garden in the sky
(c) Forestry Commission England

Nest 2

At Nest 2 field observations on Saturday afternoon confirmed the safe fledges of Y4 and Y5. There was no evidence that Y6 has flown yet. That brings the total fledges to eight, the same as in 2014, the previous ‘best year’.

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3 Responses to Osprey Watch Report: 23 July and other news

  1. Cirrus says:

    I’m so upset to hear about Blue Y0 as I didn’t realise the mishap. Comng on top of Dyfi news I am shattered. The others look great and I apreciate all the videos .. The three youngsters giving voice at the intruder was great.

  2. joannadailey says:

    It is a mystery re Y0, Cirrus, we didn’t see her fledge and she could have made several flights or just one. A search didn’t find anything but obviously the immediate nest area couldn’t be inspected closely. This was mentioned in a previous post, sorry this has come as a shock to you.

  3. JW4926 says:

    I was hoping for some good news of Y0 Joanna ……. I’m sorry that there isn’t any at the moment …. a good number of fledges though ….. It does make one realise how vulnerable our birds are even when things appear to be going well …… Thank you for the update …..

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