6 July: Motor Boat Cruise Report and UV visits Kielder again!

In chronological order, on Wednesday UV made a short visit to Kielder Forest. The data showed he was near Nest 3 but there wasn’t a scheduled recording. The Nest 1A camera came up trumps when he flew in that area!

UV's tracker is visible as he flies by (c) Forestry Commission England

UV’s tracker is visible as he flies by
(c) Forestry Commission England

Now the Report from NWT volunteer Margaret:-

Calvert Trust Motor Boat cruise

We had 15 booked for the cruise, unfortunately one gentleman from Ireland, in respite care at the Calvert Trust felt unable to come, having been out sailing for much of the day. However, his wife and their friend still came on the trip with us – they particularly appreciated the information I was able to give and also said that Kielder Calvert Trust was really special as it is the only one with activities that provides carers, giving families a real break. The majority of the visitors were holiday makers, including one family from Scotland. One of the holiday makers, a keen bird spotter, was staying in Seahouses. He had visited the Farne Islands a couple of days ago and I had met him a couple of Saturdays ago, while on duty at Leaplish.

We had two boats, CT/David in charge of the one I was on with 8 visitors while NWT volunteer David’s boat, with 6 people, was operated by Natalie. The weather was good to us, no rain and a light breeze so good conditions for being out on the water. We even had a little late evening sun but not enough to warm up a few of our visitors who were beginning to feel the chill towards the end of the trip.

The osprey were also good to us with several sightings. The first was reasonably close but brief so many on Natalie’s boat missed it. The other sightings were at a distance but one stayed just above and below the skyline for around 10 minutes so everyone got to see the bird, either through their own binoculars or ones belonging to the Trust. We had a few sightings of buzzards which many found helpful in identifying the differences between an osprey and a buzzard. A few gulls put in an appearance so helped in the same way. There was though one occasion when a bird was identified as an osprey by one boat and a buzzard by the other boat – so we will never know! We also spotted a small group of oystercatchers in flight and those on Natalie’s boat were lucky enough to see a deer near the shore just after we left Whickhope. We also paused at the sand martin bank which was quiet with only a few birds around the nest holes.

The radio contact between the boats was a real bonus as it meant all but the briefest of sightings could be communicated between the boats. Our thanks must go to David from Calvert Trust who nine times out of ten was the first to spot birds in flight and for his ability to explain where we needed to look.

A really good evening with a lovely group of appreciative visitors – the only thing missing was seeing an osprey fish!


It is unlikely that the Nest 1A and 2 males were hunting as both supplied fish late afternoon. Here is Y1 on Nest 1A enjoying a large piece of YA’s catch!

Y1 deals with an extra large mouthful (c) Forestry Commission England

Y1 deals with an extra large mouthful
(c) Forestry Commission England

If there had been a cruise last night people may well have seen a catch. 37 delivered a partly eaten trout at 19.25. Typical!

Supper (c) Forestry Commission England

(c) Forestry Commission England

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