UV explores

A review of Nest 3 clips found no evidence of UV intruding there during his day at Kielder on Monday. Another time, maybe!

Before that momentous Monday we left UV in the Scottish Borders, travelling southwards, on the Sunday morning. He didn’t carry on to England but explored Ettrick and Yarrow Waters. Quite thoroughly!

19 June: more river exploration for UV

19 June: more river exploration for UV

The area has much of what a young osprey needs but although he roosted there it was back into Cumbria the next day. Yesterday he looked as though he was going to return to Kielder – he was just 6.5 km away at 09.47. The next fix was 10.02 so there was just time for him to have flown to the dam and back but it is more likely he didn’t.

UV near Kielder. Again!

UV near Kielder. Again!

At 10.02 he was perched near a small Lough, Blackaburn, which was home to an angling group at one time. However the peaty waters are too acidic and it is currently unstocked.

UV then turned back, and flew parallel to the Warks Burn where he sat for about an hour.  He was flying low and slow near the burn. After a few minutes of such flying he reached the somewhat larger river Irthing and his strategy changed.

UV flies high at the river Irthing

UV flies high at the river Irthing

He gained altitude where the fixes are grouped and headed SE at around 900m above the terrain. The pale area to the NW of the river is a military range, no access allowed!

An overview.

UV into Northumberland

UV into Northumberland. And out!

Today the data arrived mid morning and he was heading NE  just past Carlisle, so Scotland may have been on the agenda for today.

UV is behaving as expected for a young male osprey on a first return to the UK. He is exploring alternative sources of food and is likely to return to promising ones several times. Or go further afield if necessary.


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3 Responses to UV explores

  1. JW4926 says:

    So glad UV’s keeping himself busy. The graphics are brilliant – they really do help to understand his movements :-) Thank you both so much.

    • JW4926 says:

      What a shame about Blackaburn and the lodge ………… my kinda town!

      • joannadailey says:

        It is a lovely spot, JW, in winter when there is more time available I visit sometimes when on a walk but the lodge is in a shabby state now.

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