UV at Kielder

Data received tonight revealed UV spent today at Kielder! He had crossed the Scottish border and was flying fast at just before 07.00 BST. He left Kielder – which experienced a day of heavy blustery showers but sun at times – at about 17.30 BST.

A graphic from Paul shows that despite the weather (and a limited number of fixes still) he roamed around quite extensively.

Exploring 'home' courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

Exploring ‘home’
courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

There’ll be more tomorrow.

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12 Responses to UV at Kielder

  1. Tiger Mozone says:

    It is not often we get to see a tracked juvenile come home. Just fantastic news.

  2. Ann says:

    Thanks JD, and to Paul W! Fantastic news–I imagine there is general rejoicing up at Kielder! Is the champagne open yet?!

  3. vivien Finn says:

    What a bird! What a migration, you must be elated Joanna. Delighted for you all at Kielder. Photo next please ;) I like the teaser at the end of the blog.

    • joannadailey says:

      It isn’t just a great achievement for Kielder but for Glaslyn too, Viv. UV’s migration was anything but ‘standard’, if there is such a thing, he has achieved so much to arrive back at his natal site.

  4. JW4926 says:

    WooHoo!! The boy’s back in town!! Congratulations UV – glad you’ve made it and thanks to Joanna and Paul for getting his whereabouts out to us all :-)

    • joannadailey says:

      We’re very glad he didn’t just perform a quick fly over, JW! Anybody seeing an osprey at Kielder today had better have the exact time and place to hand!

      • JW4926 says:

        So am I Joanna! …. UV’s is the very 1st Osprey migration back home I’ve followed from beginning to end. The thought UV completing that round-trip safely and well is overwhelming. Heaven knows what you’re feeling but tissue box in overdrive here!

  5. Mike Simmonds says:

    Congratulations. Great news.

  6. Cirrus says:

    Simply wonderful.. Thanks for visiting UV you are one very special Osprey. Stick around a while won’t you.

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