Calvert Trust Motor Boat Cruise Report. And a line on UV

Data in an early email showed UV was still near the area he roosted last night, south of Carlisle. The weather is much improved so maybe he’ll think about moving on today.

The Calvert Trust Motor Boat cruise on Sunday was quite an exclusive event – here is a report from NWT volunteer Les.

12 June: Calvert Trust Motor Boat cruise report

Despite the recent high numbers of osprey cruise passengers, this evening saw only one person take the cruise. Joy was a lovely lady who had come to Northumberland from Berkshire specifically to do two things, see an osprey on Kielder and to visit the Farne Islands.

A keen birdwatcher, Joy’s greatest interest was in migrating birds. This interest had been sparked when, as a small girl, her father showed her on an atlas where the swallows gathering outside her home were about fly to.

Over the years one bird had risen above all the others, the osprey. Joy had visited Kielder in 2010 without seeing an osprey and had since visited all the major osprey breeding centres in the UK.

Now she was about to get a personal boat trip to finally see a Kielder osprey.

The sky was overcast but luckily there was only a light wind when Dave took the boat out onto the water.

Very early we spotted an osprey in the distance but lost sight of it fairly quickly as it dropped below the dam.

Sadly, as appears to have been the case on recent trips, there was little wildlife to be seen; a buzzard interested in something in the forest, a couple of black headed gulls flying low over the water and a single mallard patrolling the north shoreline.

Nevertheless the three of us had some lovely conversation and a lot of fun throughout the trip.

On the return journey to Whickhope Joy took the wheel under the watchful eye of Dave.
Suddenly, from the rear, an osprey flew over the boat. We lost sight of him for a short while then Dave spotted him sitting high in a tree on Bull Crag. Just as we were getting closer, he dropped down and dived to the water, sadly just out of our view.

Five seconds later we rounded the bend enough to see him take off with a good sized fish. Obligingly, showing off I think, he circled the boat a couple of times before heading off over Bull Crag, presumably toward nest 1A.

A memorable end to the trip for one very happy passenger!


What a treat for Joy!

A photo from a previous cruise with bluer sky than Sunday but no osprey in view!

The dam from Kielder Water (c) Joanna Dailey

The dam from Kielder Water
(c) Joanna Dailey

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