Update on UV. And Osprey Watch Report for 11 June

In yesterday’s update on UV he was still on a line that would have brought him to Kielder and was very near his Autumn migration path. However he kept heading NW, staying away from the mist/rain shrouded tops of the Pennines. He didn’t travel far and roosted in a wood. This morning he was still on track for Carlisle, roughly, although had stopped. Again! Kielder still awaits him – the weather here is better than before lunchtime.

Yesterday’s conditions didn’t stop people enjoying Osprey Watch. here is the NWT volunteers’ Report.

11 June Osprey Watch

Despite it being cool and cloudy with some drizzle we had just short of 100 visitors over the course of the day. It was interesting to meet people from a wide range of places, some who came just for the day and others who were spending longer in the area including a family camping at Kielder and struggling with the midges! Nobody seemed put off by the poor weather conditions and responses indicated that the osprey watch experience enhanced their visits and was much appreciated. It was a particular pleasure to meet 12 year old Jack who visited with his dad and was extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about birds; we agreed he could be a future successor to Chris Packham!

In the morning there was a lot of low cloud which obscured the view of Nest 1A through the telescopes and there was also some rain and mist obscuring the image of the chicks on the webcam.

A murky view (c) Forestry Commission England

A murky view
(c) Forestry Commission England

This meant early visitors were unable to see views of the nest but some did return later in the day, one man having cycled right around the lake in the meantime, to be rewarded with better conditions.

It was shortly after 11am that the webcam picture started to clear and it gradually provided good images. The low cloud also lifted in the early afternoon and the nest was visible through the telescopes.

Mrs YA was on the nest most of the time although she left briefly a couple of times and YA made three visits bringing fish.

More food, guys! (c) Forestry Commission England

More food, guys!
(c) Forestry Commission England

Many visitors were interested to see both birds together and to appreciate the differences between them. There was good footage of the chicks being fed and visitors were amused to see one chick at the back of the group who did not appear to be getting fed finally decide to ‘elbow’ his way around to the front and be justly rewarded.

It was disappointing not to have seen any ospreys in flight but despite that it was a very interesting and enjoyable day.

Pauline, Gillie and David

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