From NW France to the UK – another milestone for UV

As promised in the short blog announcing UV’s return to the UK this post has more on his last few days.

On 6 June UV explored the Aure marshes in the afternoon but was first recorded at the coast at 19.30 UTC. (All times from his data are one hour behind BST. UTC will be used rather than GMT in future posts.)

6 June UV flies near the Channel (c) Forestry Commission England

6 June UV flies by the Channel coast
(c) Forestry Commission England

On the morning of 7 June he had his brief flight offshore before turning back. He returned to the marshes before heading west. He took a fancy to the river Douve and Carentan Canal.

Courtesy Paul Widlifewriter

Courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

UV stayed in that area on the morning of 8 June before heading north to Cherbourg. He explored the Cotentin Peninsula that afternoon.

8 June UV checks out coastal conditons (c) Forestry Commission England

8 June UV checks out coastal conditons
(c) Forestry Commission England

He roosted inland near La Hague nuclear fuel reprocessing plant. It possesses about half of the world’s light water reactor spent nuclear fuel reprocessing capacity.

8 June Not the most scenic of UV's roosts (c) Forestry Commission England

8 June Not the most scenic of UV’s roosts
(c) Forestry Commission England

On 9 June he was already 53 km offshore by 05.59 UTC and made landfall in England near Lyme Regis shortly before 07.30.

He carried on travelling at about 50 kph, reaching the Bristol Channel at 08.45 and passing Cardiff at 09.17.

The last fix at 10.55 was east of Llangorse Lake where ospreys are sometimes seen. He had just met his track from his first migration.

courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

Courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

UV will recognise landmarks from that 2014 journey. He is expected to roughly follow that path, but he will be in ‘explore’ rather than ‘migrate’ mode now so could stop at reservoirs, osprey nesting sites – or other interesting (to him) features.

UV’s migration so far has been a fascinating – and at times tense – journey. He has travelled much further than the ‘average’ UK migrating osprey with his African adventure and trans-Iberia legs. A total of 8917 km – it is about 6000 km to Kielder for a direct route.

It is a delight to ‘see’ him back in the UK.


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3 Responses to From NW France to the UK – another milestone for UV

  1. JW4926 says:

    Thank you Joanna for UV’s latest news ……. I await further details of his travels with much interest. Thanks also to Paul for these fabulous graphics ……. they do make following UV’s journey a lot more personal. Well done UV …… so pleased you’re safe and well.

  2. Delightful.

    BTW France is one hour AHEAD of UK!

  3. Cirrus says:

    Yes, it certainly is a delight t have him back in the UK. Thank you for thinking of us UV

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