UV hangs fire

Last night UV roosted SW of Angers near the River Loire. He set off north in earnest about 08.00 GMT and by 14.00 was back into Normandy after a spell in Brittany. Showers were forecast in the area and he had a long journey ahead if he was going to cross the English Channel today. He’d covered 217 km by then. Here is an overview of recent travel to 14.00.

courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

After that he went from ‘migration’ to ‘roam’ mode.

Using the most recent weather satellite data Paul forecasts that although tomorrow winds will be light/variable in the Channel there will be a lot of localised thundery rain in N France and S and SW England. So UV may linger in France longer!

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5 Responses to UV hangs fire

  1. Cirrus says:

    Just stay safe UV – we long for your homecoming but can wait as long as we have to

  2. JW4926 says:

    Agreed Cirrus …….. take as long as it takes UV ……..

  3. joannadailey says:

    Both of you are spot on, Cirrus and JW. He has had a demanding migration re miles/desert in Africa. His break in Iberia will have replenished reserves. He will continue when he feels it is right.

  4. That track was right over us, and stops about 5km NW of this house, but I didn’t see him at all, despite being outside all afternoon

  5. Viv: The end of the track shown does not indicate UV’s exact position. We withhold overnight roost locations until we can be sure that the bird has moved on. This security measure is necessary when tracked ospreys are in more dangerous parts of the world, such as Europe.

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