Allez UV-bleu!

UV’s email came in this afternoon with a last fix of 12.26 GMT when he was 50 km west of Poitiers and heading north.

5 June: UV to 12.36 (c) Forestry Commission England

5 June: UV to 12.36
Data (c) Forestry Commission England, graphic courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

As you can see he is heading for the English Channel and was 300 km away. He could reach there tomorrow!

He set off from his roost area sometime after 07.10, quite early for him. There was some thermalling again this morning; here is a graphic showing one yesterday.

4 June: UV thermal

courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

What will tomorrow bring? It partly depends on the time of the email!

Thanks to Paul for the title as well as graphics. Allez UV-bleu, bon voyage.



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2 Responses to Allez UV-bleu!

  1. Cirrus says:

    Indeed indeed , Allez UV-bleu

  2. Tiger says:

    UV is nearly home. By this time tomorrow he may well be in Britain. What a great day that will be.

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