Even more excitement!

Four chicks in one nest and a late-hatching egg in another would have been enough excitement for one day. But UV was not to be left out of the limelight for long and he picked this morning to resume his homeward migration.

He set off at about 08.00 GMT and had covered 253 km in under eight hours by last fix at 15.13 GMT.

The winds were light in the area but UV was travelling fast, taking no notice of reservoirs he might have detoured to explore.

UV ignores reservoirs either side

UV ignores reservoirs either side

This afternoon he was heading for a pass through the Pyrenees north of Jaca. It carries Euroroute 7 and the railway.

The way ahead for UV? Graphic courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

The way ahead for UV?

This graphic shows his route so far today.

UV's track Graphic courtesy Paul Wildlifewriter

UV’s track


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4 Responses to Even more excitement!

  1. Vic Paine says:

    Landfall IOW Sunday?

    • joannadailey says:

      Tomorrow’s update will give a clue, Vic. Unless he stops at a tasty looking French reservoir! Get your kit ready for the alert.

  2. JW4926 says:

    Brilliant news!! Thank you Joanne ……… the end of a very exciting day :-)

  3. Cirrus says:

    It’s edge of seat stuff now – so near , so far. Just you take it carefully UV

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