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Nest 3 Ringing

The two chicks on Nest 3 were ringed today. Both had fish in their crops so were ready for the weigh in! Chick 1 is a female and at 1730 grams weighed the same as the largest chick on Nest 1A … Continue reading

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Nest 1A: more on the ringing

The nestcam suggested the four chicks on Nest 1A were in good condition. Examination by the licensed ringer, the Kielder ornithologist, and weighing the chicks showed the camera did not lie! We found more evidence of YA’s abilities as a provider, and Mrs YA’s … Continue reading

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Nest 1A ringing

The chicks at Nest 1A were ringed today. All four were very healthy and looked stunning (technical term!). Chicks 1 and 4 are thought to be female and are ringed Blue Y0 (zero) and Blue Y3 respectively. Chicks 2 and … Continue reading

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Osprey Watch and Motor Boat Cruise Reports for 26 June – and more

The Kielder weather in the morning into early afternoon was better than forecast but then it went somewhat downhill! Nevertheless visitors looked on the bright side as these reports show. Osprey Watch Report: 26 June We hosted 125 visitors – … Continue reading

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Osprey Watch Report for 25 June and a bit more on Nest 1A

Here’s the Report about Saturday’s Osprey Watch from NWT volunteers Margaret, Les and Rick. 25 June: Osprey Watch The day started slowly but the live feed was giving us lovely clear pictures of the whole family with the chicks being … Continue reading

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UV stores another river in his memory bank

The main activity for UV this year is identifying good fishing areas in Northern England and Southern Scotland. To establish a territory, build a nest and attract a female he needs to know he can catch sufficient fish. On 23 … Continue reading

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Nest 2: food for thought

The last blog about Nest 2 mentioned that chick 3 was often being removed from the line when a fish is delivered. This behaviour has continued with chick 2 almost always the guilty party. Even when chick 2 has a … Continue reading

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UV’s first Spring migration

At the start of this week Nest 1 hatched Blue UV visited Kielder for the first time since he flew south on 2 September 2014. He undertook a truly incredible migration from Northern Senegal, covering over 10,000 km as he took a circuitous … Continue reading

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Life on Nest 3

The two chicks on Nest 3 are now over four weeks old and are looking in good shape. Despite the limited coverage they are often eating. Although there are frequent feeds there is the occasional snatching attempt! They are preening more as … Continue reading

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UV explores

A review of Nest 3 clips found no evidence of UV intruding there during his day at Kielder on Monday. Another time, maybe! Before that momentous Monday we left UV in the Scottish Borders, travelling southwards, on the Sunday morning. … Continue reading

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