A very successful evening on the water!

The Calvert Trust motorboat cruise season began last Sunday. Unfortunately despite lovely weather there were few sightings of any birds let alone Ospreys. It was a different story for last night’s cruise. Here’s NWT volunteer Lynda’s account:-

29 May Motorboat Cruise

My first Osprey Cruise of the season and it was a bright sunny evening with just a slight wind to discourage Osprey fishing. Fifteen people had booked the Cruise, so two boats required but only one volunteer! David (CT) on one boat and Andy (CT) and me on the other.

We had a good mix of people on holiday and locals, all with an interest in learning more about Ospreys and hoping to see one. We headed off to the middle of the reservoir and asked everyone to keep a good lookout. This was rewarded fairly quickly with the sighting of an Osprey flying over the dam apparently looking on both sides for fish. This went on for some time, a marvellous display with the white feathers catching the sun, though we didn’t see a catch. When this Osprey started calling, we looked around and spotted two more Ospreys heading across. It was quite difficult to decide where to look for a time!
Communication between the boats was helpful. Nest 1A was spotted on the horizon – making the point that it has a good vantage point – and then we went up to Leaplish to check on the old Nest 1. You can’t see the new nest (Nest 1A) from the boats until right in front of Leaplish jetty. We saw very little other wildlife but on the way back, our eagle-eyed guests spotted another Osprey over our boat and it gave us another great fly-past both boats. See the photo to see how close the boats were and how enthusiastically the birds were being followed.

A great evening on Kielder Reservoir.


Ardent Osprey watchers! (c) Lynda Fean

Ardent Osprey watchers!
(c) Lynda Fean

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