Reservoir dodges

The last update on UV described him heading west through Portugal on 17 May. He arrived at the Barragem do Alto Rabagão, part of the Cavado-Rebagão Project which comprises four dams on the two rivers, and stopped for the night.

17 May: another reservoir ticked off

17 May: another reservoir ticked off

He was quite unsettled overnight, moving between different trees to the NW of the reservoir. It appears to experience a bit more human activity than his usual choices. At this point he was around 90 km from the west coast of Portugal and just over 200 km from  his 2014 landing point in Spain.

The data on 18 May arrived early and UV had just set off. In a SE direction. Surely the 19 May update would see him correct that route? Here’s the answer.

UV travels west across Iberia. And back

UV travels west across Iberia. And back

On 18 May he crossed his ‘out’ track and headed ESE, flying from 09.30 to just after 19.00 with a Spanish siesta in the middle! He was back in Spain just after noon and an hour later reached the Embalse de Ricobayo on the Rio Esla. He seemed to be hunting from his elevation and speed.

Looking for lunch?

Looking for lunch?

UV spent the afternoon on an arm of the reservoir.

An overview of UV's siesta area

An overview of UV’s siesta area

In the bottom left of the image a line of wind turbines is visible. This aerial shot was taken over the area UV explored.

At 15.45 the siesta was over and UV set off on a mainly easterly course. He found another reservoir just above his roost, the Embalse de Burgomillodo on the Rio Duratón.

18 May roost area

18 May roost area

The reservoir is used for generating hydroelectric power and lies within the Parque Natural Hoces del Rio Duratón.

Yesterday UV set off again after possibly having breakfast on the eastern shore of the river. At 09.57 he arrived at the Embalse de Alcorlo but despite flying down it he carried on without a break.

Embalse de Alcorlo

Embalse de Alcorlo

Streetview image

Streetview image of the area UV overflew

He carried on more or less following the course of the Rio Bornova but didn’t stop until he arrived at the second longest river in Iberia, the Tejo/Tagus. He spent another long siesta on its banks.

19 May: UV's siesta

19 May: UV’s 3 hour siesta

UV roosted in a rural area not near water last night. Early this morning he was heading north, but he seems to be in ‘explore’ not ‘migration’ mode. Paul’s weather analysis indicates the region will be bright and sunny with very light – or no – winds. The weather in W France is cloudy with some rain but UV is unlikely to find that out for himself!

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  1. JW4926 says:

    Thank you for the information Joanna ……. he’s obviously not of a mind to meet up with Blue 24 or Clarach just yet …….. stay safe UV ……

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