Fabulous four!

It has just been confirmed that a fourth pair of ospreys are breeding in Kielder Water and Forest Park. A new platform was erected by the Forestry Commission in early Spring 2015 and within a few weeks a male settled on it and attracted a female. Last year they bonded but did not lay eggs. In 2016 they have been observed incubating as this record shot shows.

Blue 69 stands next to the female (c) Forestry Commission England

Blue 69 stands next to the female
(c) Forestry Commission England

The male, colour ringed Blue 69, hatched in 2011 at Loch Lomond. He was first confirmed as a visitor to Kielder in 2014 when he landed briefly on Nest 2. He clearly liked the Kielder area and was back last Spring to find the new platform and he stayed. He was seen at the active nests too.

Here is Blue 69 last year during a spat with a Crow.

Blue 69 v Corvid (c) Forestry Commission England

Blue 69 v Crow
(c) Forestry Commission England

And again (c) Forestry Commission England

And again
(c) Forestry Commission England

This is very exciting news for Kielder and a perfect reward for sustained conservation work.

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12 Responses to Fabulous four!

  1. Tiger says:

    Really fabulous news. Kielder must have something special. So what is this about philopatry?

  2. Mike Simmonds says:

    Great news and thank you Joanna

  3. JW4926 says:

    How fabulous!! Well done Kielder and thanks for the super news Joanna …….. Really must try and get over there :-)

  4. Gayle M W says:

    Such wonderful news Joanna – delighted.

  5. Mary G. Kerr says:

    Fantastic news Joanna, just amazing, Welsh and Scottish males lol…. You better get lots more platforms erected for all your philopatric male juveniles too when they decide to return 😀 Well done to the Kielder Team, you better look for an assistant Joanna as you are going to be even busier now.

    • Sandra B says:

      Great news Joanna and determined to visit this year. For a minute I thought you were applying for a job Mary. You roam more than the Ospreys so maybe not.

  6. Karen Elizabeth says:

    Such fantastic news! Congratulations and see you all in June. Yes, I’m visiting again!!!! Very excited :D

  7. Great news. Thanks for all the posts.

  8. Brilliant news Joanna! Excellent work by whole Kielder team and more excitement for recolonisation of northern England!

  9. joannadailey says:

    Thanks, everyone, for your comments. We really appreciate them.

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