Heading west

Yesterday’s early email with UV’s data meant when or if – in the event he was over the Bay of Biscay today – we received an update there would be much to learn. Would he have turned north for a coastal route to the UK or continued NW to attempt that sea crossing?

Neither is the answer. UV has travelled in a westerly direction over the last two days. Here is yesterday’s route.

16 May: UV heads west

16 May: UV heads west

He flew from before 08.00 to 18.23 without a stop and covered 320 km. He had almost reached Portugal when he rested for the night at the Embalse de Almendra, the second largest reservoir in Spain. It isn’t clear from fixes whether he hunted but he had four species from which to select his supper!

Today he left the reservoir around 08.00 although the few earlier daylight fixes suggested he may have had breakfast. Shortly after 08.30 he crossed into Portugal. He was flying NW  initially. At 10.21 he arrived at the Barragem do Azibo, another large reservoir in Iberia which is a protected area with many bird species. He had a short stop here.

A short break for UV at Azibo

A short break for UV at Azibo

Although there are fish there UV carried on heading west. He was still going in that direction in late afternoon.

It appears he is out of ‘migration mode’ and into ‘roaming mode’. He could have gone north over the last couple of days but has not. If he does change course tomorrow he will arrive at the coast too late for a Bay of Biscay crossing until Friday at earliest given stormy weather ahead. But from his behaviour he isn’t intending to head ‘home’ this week!

Since he left Senegal UV has flown 6723 km. A ‘standard’ migration from northern Senegal to the north of the UK is about 5500 km.

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6 Responses to Heading west

  1. JW4926 says:

    Certainly got some lovely stopovers UV ……. but really – we do need you home …….. keep staying safe ………. Thanks Joanna ……. I read your updates with bated breath ………

  2. vivien Finn says:

    UV is determined to fly this migration ‘his way’ Joanna. As long as he’s safe and heeds any poor weather he will arrive in his ‘own time’ and when he does we’ll celebrate his arrival. :)

  3. Cirrus says:

    I’ve just heard a weather forecast so I really trust you are right about UV’ s roaming mode. In your own time lovely fella . Take all the time you need and travel north when the weather is clement and you have a tail wind.

  4. Kurt says:

    Do you think he’s lost? He’s leaving it very late if he wants to breed isn’t he?!

    • joannadailey says:

      UV is a two year old osprey and it is rare for males to breed so young. Even if he now travels direct to the UK he will need to establish his own territory and find a female. That can take a couple of years, or more.

      He isn’t ‘lost’ but is exploring. Last year a male two year old from the Lake District Osprey Project. Number 14, went to Eastern Europe and Scandinavia before eventually arriving back in Cumbria. This year he had a more ‘standard’ migration.

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