Out of Africa

The reason for no email from UV yesterday became clear tonight – he was flying offshore by 06.58 GMT and didn’t stop until he reached Spain, probably at around 22.30 or so.

6 May: UV travel

6 May: UV travel

Although there was cloud yesterday UV was flying quite low between Ibiza and Mallorca and would have seen the mountainous interiors. He continued his migration so presumably felt strong. Local sunset in Valencia was at 21.05 yesterday so UV would (just) have been able to see the coast of Spain as he approached.

He set off before 06.00 this morning and was heading more or less NW today.

His sea crossing was 572 km coast to coast. Well done, UV, welcome back to Europe.

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7 Responses to Out of Africa

  1. JW4926 says:

    Brilliant news Joanna – thank you.

    • joannadailey says:

      It is such good news, his stamina is remarkable. A mere human would like to see him take a break but he knows best!

  2. vivien Finn says:

    He certainly does Joanna, what a remarkable journey for his first return migration. Where will he be tomorrow I wonder? Great news!

  3. Tiger Mozone says:

    Absolutely amazing Joanna. So excited that an osprey I saw as a chick is coming home.

  4. Cirrus says:

    So thankful UV made it safely to Spain.

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