More on UV’s activity on 5 May and earlier

Late last night the missing data arrived and we could see why it took UV so long to reach the coast. He left his roost before 06.00 but stopped by 06.49 a few km away. He set off again but by 09.18 he was over a reservoir then halted once more.

UV at the Barrage de Gargar

UV at the Barrage de Gargar

He was there for over two hours. He could have foraged as the reservoir contains fish but he may only have had a drink and perhaps a bathe.

This was his fourth recorded stop by water during his migration. The others were much shorter. On 3 May he paused right on the border with Morocco at Figuig (the photo is the same spot as UV’s fix) and may have had a drink. On 28 April he perched on an islet in the River Niger.

28 April UV stops at the Niger

28 April UV stops at the Niger

A couple of days earlier he was at another water source for 22 minutes.

26 April: a drink for UV?

26 April: a drink for UV?

Back to yesterday. This graphic prepared by Paul shows why UV didn’t carry on across the sea.

Cloud and thunderstorms

Cloud and thunderstorms

Visibility dropped from 20 km to 8 km or less and there were thunderstorms in the area. The forecast for the north Algerian coast today is for intermittent thundery rain so UV may well hang fire. A bit of R&R may be welcome after a migration of 5200 km from the Langue de Barbarie to his roost spot last night.

Finally another graphic by Paul which shows UV “terrain following”, using air currents above escarpments to get free lift. The one minute fixes show the twists and turns necessary to find the updrafts.

UV "terrain following"

UV “terrain following”

He used the same flying strategy on 2 May when flying north.

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2 Responses to More on UV’s activity on 5 May and earlier

  1. JW4926 says:

    Amazing bird! Thanks for the update Joanna …… and thanks to Paul too for the information …. R & R hopefully being enjoyed. Stay safe UV ……

  2. vivien Finn says:

    Many thanks Joanna and Paul for this information. It’s re assuring to know that UV is not taking risks during poor weather conditions.

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