Family Osprey Day 2016

Here’s NWT Estate Officer Kelly’s account of Family Osprey Day 2016 which took place in sunshine at Kielder Castle on Saturday 9 April.

A whole host of activities were on offer.FOD 2016

Cooking marshmallows (c) Kelly Hollings

Cooking marshmallows
(c) Kelly Hollings

One of the most popular was the arts and crafts room, where creative children enjoyed making their own card or wooden ospreys, bird feeders and badges to take home with them. Cooking marshmallows on the campfire was a hit too!

Ray from Kielder Water Birds of Prey Centre, brought up two of his birds – a large Eagle Owl  and a small Tropical Screech Owl (called Rambo!). They delighted visitors who were given the chance to hold the owls.

Ringing garden birds (c) Kelly Hollings

Ringing garden birds
(c) Kelly Hollings

Northumberland and Tyneside Bird Club had a productive day, ringing 85 birds, mostly chaffinches along with a fine great spotted woodpecker, a variety of Tits and a robin or two. The team caught a female chaffinch who was ringed at Gibside Hall on 19/03/2011. Visitors enjoyed seeing these birds up close.

Bruce Ferguson hosted an interactive story, inviting families to join him on a foraging adventure. All of those who took part in this activity returned with smiles on their faces!

The Calvert Trust Kielder went out on 2 one hour long motor boat trips; the first one had a family of four on board who were treated to three sightings of possibly different ospreys. The second trip encountered an osprey catching a fish right in front of their eyes near Leaplish. One lucky family won two free tickets for the motor boat trips and the little girl whose name was pulled out of the box was allowed to drive the boat! Here are the planned motor boat cruises during the season.A4 Boat Cruises CT

A guided walk was very well attended with 22 folk walking with Kielder Ornithologist Martin Davison along the shores of Bakethin. Several bird species were observed such as goldeneye, tufted duck and mallard, but unfortunately no ospreys. The visitors were however treated to a great view of an adder basking on the side of the path.

Adder basking (c) Brian Algar

Adder basking
(c) Brian Algar

Thanks so much to all those who helped us, Martin Davison and his team of bird ringers; our fabulous dedicated NWT volunteers, Gillie, Brian, Margaret, Brian, David and Suzanne, and FC for their help and letting us use their venue. All in all 155 visitors came along to learn about Kielder’s ospreys.


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One Response to Family Osprey Day 2016

  1. JW4926 says:

    What a fabulous day ……… so important to catch interests whilst young. Would’ve loved to have seen the ringing myself :-)

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