UV in February – from data and a special trip!

The mid-month post described several journeys by UV south to near a fishing village – Yodi – before he returned to the southern end of the Langue de Barbarie to perch on the beach. The first two weeks of February are shown in two images below.

1-7 February: UV's range

1-7 February: UV’s range

8-14 February: UV's range

8-14 February: UV’s range

The most striking difference is the lack of fixes in the second week over UV’s original area which is circled in yellow. There is always more data from late morning to early evening so UV could be overflying his old home early in the day but the fixes indicate he is not showing as much interest in it compared to the previous few weeks.

The length of his range from 1-7 February is about 45 km in a straight line. In the second week he covered a more modest 33.5 km stretch of coast!

In the third week of February UV went south every day until 20 February. On 20 and 21 February he concentrated on the northern part of the Langue de Barbarie, the very tip of the mainland to the south and the southern end of the island on which Doune Baba Dieye fell victim to the power of the ocean (see last post for details).

15-21 February: UV's range

15-21 February: UV’s range

In the final part of February UV stayed to the north of his area apart from i) 24 February when he flew east to the irrigated land near the Ngalam river and ii) 29 February when he travelled south again.

22-29 February: UV's range

22-29 February: UV’s range

UV’s ‘popular places’ at the end of the month include beaches, Mangroves by a narrow tributary of the Senegal River, and areas of scrub with mainly Acacia and Baobob trees.

21-28 February: UV's favourite places!

21-28 February: UV’s favourite places!

The more modest range above covers about 15 sq km of mainly roadless terrain. Three dedicated followers of UV visited him last week – it would have been very much more helpful if he had gone to the south whilst we were there! Nevertheless we found him several times, mainly early or late in the day in his roost area. In this photo you can just make out the paler colour of the tracker on his back. It was clearly visible through a scope.

22 February: UV in the dusk (c) Vic Paine

22 February: UV in the dusk
(c) Vic Paine

And on our last full day UV treated us to a fly past by scrub he had perched in for nearly two hours the previous day.

26 February: UV flying to find a tree to eat supper (c) Vic Paine

26 February: UV flying to find a tree to eat supper
(c) Vic Paine

26 February: UV with Mullet (c) Vic Paine

26 February: UV with Mullet
(c) Vic Paine


A post later in the week will contain photos and descriptions of some of UV’s regular sites, all of which have a good supply of Ospreys to admire!

Pip and Vic’s determination to get the most out of the trip was key to the successes. They also deserve credit for recovering various items I left behind in the excitement of the hunt for UV!


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8 Responses to UV in February – from data and a special trip!

  1. Ann says:

    Thanks JD. How wonderful that you were able to find UV! I imagine you will be smiling for ages!

    • joannadailey says:

      He didn’t make it easy for us, Ann, but that all adds to the experience! Pretty much non-stop smiling. He is so pale on his chest, like YA and his grandfather 11(98).

  2. Tiger Mozone says:

    Congratulations on a great trip. Glad you found UV doing so well. I hope you told him another few months and you will expect him back at Kielder.

    • joannadailey says:

      Thanks, Tiger. UV is definitely fit with all his trips up and down the coast. But does that matter, others like Rutland 30(05) launch off after months going nowhere!

  3. vivien Finn says:

    So pleased you all caught up with UV, Joanna. Nice to know that he’s in fine shape and catching mullet, a favourite of his grandfather’s (11 98) I can just imagine your excitement when you first saw him. :) Many thanks for the blog and photos.

    • joannadailey says:

      He is so like 11(98), Viv. Hopefully UV will continue the Glaslyn line although there is a long way to go.

  4. Mike S says:

    A great result and so well deserved Joanna.

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