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Kielder 2009: the first Northumbrian Osprey chicks for over 200 years

After summering at Kielder for a couple of years and finding a female in 2008 an unringed male Osprey settled on a newly built platform in March 2009. Within a couple of weeks he was joined by an unringed female, … Continue reading

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UV’s head for heights!

The last blog in early December speculated whether UV would vary his fishing between river and ocean given he had begun to hunt more in the river with the disappearance of the sediment outflow. The data shows he is using both areas … Continue reading

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UV: more interesting behaviour and another photo!

The mid-November blog about UV examined where he might be catching fish, given there was still a lot of sediment flowing into the ocean. Lake Guembeul, a recent popular area, was one possible answer and UV has spent increased periods around tributaries of … Continue reading

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UV’s Little Island – by Paul Wildlifewriter

Since late October and November, we’ve seen UV adopt a new location on the Senegal coast where he spends many happy hours indulging in a young adult osprey’s favourite activity… inactivity. This animation sequence covering the last three weeks (only) … Continue reading

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