UV – the first report of a sighting since he left Kielder!

Although we know from his tracker that UV is in Northern Senegal we have never received any reports that he has been seen there – nor previously at various of his stopovers or on migration.

So it is thrilling for us that UV has been seen flying along the lagoon near his original area on the southern part of the Langue de Barbarie National Park.

The Project Tougoupeul is conducting important work monitoring bird populations in the area. Two Spanish biologists from Ecotono Birding Sevilla are assisting and have counted numerous Ospreys already. There are some great photos on their site.

We have been in touch with them about UV and yesterday they spotted him foraging near the Zebrabar, travelling north. They could see the tracker clearly through a scope. When we checked the times of their sighting against UV’s data there is no doubt it was him. Here is a photo from Rafa – even at distance the antenna and tracker are visible.

UV at 10.42 on 20 October (c) Rafa Benjumea

UV at 10.42 on 20 November
(c) Rafa Benjumea

In this graphic by Paul the likely route between fixes has been added.

20 November: UV's fixes matched to Rafa's information

20 November: UV’s fixes matched to Rafa’s information

And lastly an image of UV’s route just 3 days earlier on 17 November.

17 November: UV crosses the lagoon near Zebrabar

17 November: UV crosses the lagoon near Zebrabar

We are so grateful to Rafa and his colleague for their efforts, and hope this isn’t the last time they see UV!

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6 Responses to UV – the first report of a sighting since he left Kielder!

  1. thehutts says:

    Exciting – will they have ground terrain photos? Maybe they will spot other UK ringed birds. Sally

    • joannadailey says:

      They are working there for another few weeks, Sally, so hopefully we’ll hear more about other Ospreys and the area.

  2. Vivien Finn says:

    This is wonderful news. Hopefully there may be further sightings of UV. I never expected to read this news when I logged on, made my day. :)

    • joannadailey says:

      Definitely wonderful news, Viv. Data hasn’t shown UV travelling near his ‘old’ area – which is the main focus of the monitoring – until recently, so good timing!

  3. Ecotono says:

    Thanks Joanna for the report, it is very nice! We are checking all the Ospreys in the area, the record is 184 in a single day! we have spotted birds from Germany and UK and almost can see a metal ring in a female. You can see some pictures of them and other birds in our Facebook page.

  4. joannadailey says:

    Your monitoring is important for conservation/environmental reasons, but it is also very interesting for readers of your Facebook page and other sites sharing your findings, like Kielder Ospreys and Ornithondar. Many thanks for your work.

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