UV in October

The last update on UV said there would be a summary of his activity in October with an animation by Paul. Here is UV’s month. There was quite a bit of variety.


UV has a tendency to laze on the beach many days, so not a lot of animation from him on those ones! A powerful tool this particular month is a ‘week by week’ slide show. Here are Paul’s graphics.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Stating the obvious, from his initial exploratory phase at the start of the month UV has refined his range to focus his daytime activity almost exclusively on the northern spit of the Langue de Barbarie.

From 10-22 October he was tending to spend three or four days either on the north or the south spit but since later on 22 October there is no data showing him perched on the southern part. So that’s where he’ll be when the next set of data comes in!

The rainy season is ending so there are more weather satellite images without cloud obscuring the area. The first clear image after 17 October (when UV was on the northern spit and the silt plume flowed south of the river mouth) was 24 October. Another graphic by Paul.

24 October: UV's range in comparison with the silt outflow

24 October: UV’s range in comparison with the silt outflow

Since then whenever the outflow has been visible the current has been dispersing it southwards. So UV is spending his days in the area of better visibility – although he could easily fly there within minutes if he kept to the southern spit.

A local weather warning of “hazardous swells” was issued covering 29 and 30 October. There were high tides forecast then although these are common several times a year. UV’s behaviour was interesting on those two days.

29 October:

29 October: UV over 3 km offshore

On 29 October UV was over three km off shore during two afternoon foraging trips to sea. Usually he stays close to the shore on the north spit. And that was where he was on an offshore flight before noon, when the warning came into force.

Then on 30 October…

30 October: UV mainly inland

30 October: UV inland

Although there were no fixes of UV offshore he may have foraged early when there are longer intervals between fixes. His behaviour on those two days was consistent with difficulty foraging offshore but it is impossible to be sure there is a causal link.

Many thanks to Paul for creating both the animation and something of an overload of graphics for this post.

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