A very dark day

There is very bad news about 7H in Morocco. Earlier in the week her data indicated there was a problem. Her last known position was pinpointed and a search found her body nearby.

An examination into the cause of death has been inconclusive.

If/when there is further information there will be an update, with one proviso. Ospreys are a protected species under Moroccan law. There is no evidence that a criminal act has occurred, but if any such evidence or information comes to light it will be passed to the responsible authorities and, in consequence, might not be made public here.

7H had been thriving in her winter home, however we all know the challenges birds face each day.

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17 Responses to A very dark day

  1. Starling says:

    Oh Joanna, I’m so very sorry. I was just checking the site this morning as I felt it seemed a long time with no news, and now this, what a shame.

  2. joannadailey says:

    Thank you, Starling. We haven’t been idle, but working on trying to resolve what had happened. A planned post was deferred.

  3. Mary G. Kerr says:

    Yes a very dark day Joanna, I am so sorry to read this sad news. I hope you that you manage to find out what happened to her.

  4. Tiger Mozone says:

    I know that people say that all ospreys are equal. Well that may be so but some carve out a superstar status for themselves.

    7H was one of those ospreys who despite her short life will always be a huge superstar.

    During her first migration it is likely that she hitched a lift on a ship, but then rather like “To Hull and Back” (Only Fools and Horses) she woke up to find that she was going in the wrong direction.

    Then she chose Morocco as her wintering ground and all seemed well until her tracker went dead. This seemed to signal her demise. Not so as Pip went out to Morocco and found her alive and well. Then as a bonus her tracker came alive again.

    From then on 7H has been possibly the best studied osprey in the world.

    Now today we have the sad news that she is gone with no hope of reprieve this time.

    Still she will never be forgotten.

    My sympathies to everyone at Kielder, particularly Joanna who know this bird best. However it must be a very black day for Paul and Pip who did so much to make 7H the superstar she undoubtedly was.

    When things like this happen one is always left with an empty feeling. However I have no doubt that it is work like this that will one day help us understand why so many young ospreys come to grief.

    7H may be gone but her legacy is rich indeed.

  5. joannadailey says:

    Many thanks for your words, Tiger, which really resonate. A tribute to her.

  6. thehutts says:

    Very sorry Joanna but thanks for all yours and Paul’s hard work in analysing the data you did get from the tracker and Pip and her partner for finding her earlier in the year. Please keep us informed as to what went wrong when and if you can. Sally

  7. Vivien Finn says:

    I’m so sorry Joanna, you must be feeling empty and very sad. 7H was indeed a very special osprey and I echo all of Tiger’s words. She taught us so much while on her travels.
    Joanna and all at Kielder Ospreys, Paul, and PIp I share with you, your sadness.

  8. joannadailey says:

    Thanks, Viv. Tiger’s words are very apt. She was the first UK Osprey known to overwinter in Morocco and that is just one of the many insights she has given us. A massive loss.

  9. Joyce Sawford says:

    So very sad to read this news Joanna. Grateful thanks to you and all you team for the hard work you have all put in to keep us informed all through the season.

  10. Mike says:

    Joanna, the tributes above say it all. What does shine through is the speed with which she was found and procedures put in place to ascertain what caused her demise. Ihope those enquiries are able to provide you with a positive conclusion.

  11. Karen Elizabeth says:

    So very sorry to hear this news. I know we expect to lose a large number of young ospreys but it never seems to get any easier to bear. I know the team will all be heartbroken. My thoughts are with you. Thanks for posting this difficult news Joanna x

  12. So very sad to hear the sad news about 7H in Morocco, thanks for all the joy and interest she has given us during her short life.

  13. Ann says:

    Joanna, Ditto to what everyone else has been saying. 7H and other tracked Ospreys have taught us so much. My sympathies to you and Paul and everyone who has been involved in caring for and following 7H. Losing an Osprey like her is a bit like losing a well loved pet, and her loss is especially difficult so soon after also losing Loch Garten’s Breagha in France. Bring on the new season to distract us from such tragedies and which will give us more Ospreys to cherish!

  14. So sad day, so bad news… Short life but great life. Thanks and RIP, 7H !

  15. KEITH ROGERS says:

    A Dark Day Indeed. I remember back to September 2014 that 12 hour sea crossing that took 7H from Cape Saint Vincent to her home for 13 months in Morocco not too far from where she touched down on African Soil.
    She seemed a very settled bird and my only worry was her delight in pylons and had high hopes of a return.
    You have produced a daily life record of 7H from Egg to Grave which you have shared with us all and likewise with all the birds I have turned this into a life novel – I Thank You for this.
    I Thank Kielder for all the work they have done with reference to 7H and trust there was no sinister circumstances into the demise of this bird.

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