VY explores the Casamance River. Or a small part of it!

VY arrived back to the south shore of the Casamance River on 30 September but to a new area for her about 20 km from her previous site. This image shows her activity from arrival near Adeane to 7 October.

VY's activity 30 Sept - 7 October

VY’s activity 30 Sept – 7 October

This is how she spent her first afternoon near Adeane.

30 Sept from c 14.00

30 Sept from c 14.00

She more or less stayed within that range on 1 October but on the 2 October she went a little further west around the middle of the day. By 3 October she must have known that stretch of shoreline pretty well! She was spending a lot of time perching in mangroves – sometimes only a small clump in paddies near the river, on other occasions the equivalent of a small wood. Her inactivity coupled with lack of sun resulted in increased intervals between fixes. She may have foraged some distance away from the riverside but the only fixes in that period over water were only just away from land.

On 3 October this changed and VY was recorded over the river on five occasions, two of which were away from the shore.

3 Oct: VY activity

3 Oct: VY activity

You can see from the image above that VY continued to spend most of her time in a small area NE of Adeane and north of a sand mine which is being exploited for the rebuilding of the N6 road a short distance south.

It is still the rainy season but 4 October was drier with some sunshine. This may not be the reason for her action but VY set out after 09.00 UTC and flew about 4 km west to a point near the narrowing of the river north of Baganha. She spent that day and night in the area.

4 Oct: VY explores near the narrow part of the Casamance River

4 Oct: VY explores near the narrow part of the Casamance River

There were many more fixes so it is likely that VY stayed very close to land again. On 5 October VY was not ‘close to land’ as far as her altitude at times is concerned!

5 Oct: more exploring then back to Adeane

5 Oct: more exploring then back to Adeane

Initially VY returned to Adeane by 10.30 UTC and spent the rest of the morning/early afternoon in her usual patch and a bit further east near a road leading to the river. When she left there she returned to the river near Baganha. On the first part of her journey over land she was at a maximum altitude of 418m ASL. After further low level exploration of the shoreline as far as 10 km west of Baganha VY turned inland again and on her way back to Adeane was at a maximum altitude of 604m ASL. So she was checking out the terrain for some distance. At 604m elevation she would have seen as far as the estuary of the Casamance if the visibility was good enough and she looked west. The bottom line of fixes show VY’s return journey.

VY spent 6 October much like the 30 September image above. But on 7 October she was high flying again in an expedition to the north shore. One of Paul’s superior graphics shows the trip…

7 Oct: VY flies across the river

7 Oct: VY flies across the river

…and another depicts the detail of her thermalling.

VY flying high

VY flying high

VY didn’t stop anywhere on the north shore or inland but returned to the now familiar mangroves on the south side of the river for the rest of the day.

The data on 8 October was early and until the last fix at 11.00 VY was mainly perched by the river or a little inland.

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