Update on VY

The last post about VY described how she seemed to be settling in a small area of the Casamance River. Not for the first time the osprey knows different – within minutes of the post being drafted data arrived showing a probable move on!

26 Sept: VY heads south?

26 Sept: VY heads south?

VY roosted in the same spot on both Thursday and Friday and she went to the river midmorning on Saturday. So far so normal for her few days in the area. But shortly after noon she started flying south, gaining height to a level suggesting onward travel was her intention.

Since then we haven’t received any data.  We’ve mentioned before that network coverage south of The Gambia is patchy. The next country VY would have visited, Guinea Bissau, is not well served nor is Guinea further south. Last winter no data was received for a Finnish adult male osprey – Ilpo – who overwinters on the Guinea coast until he started to move north in the Spring.

It is disappointing that we are not receiving data but that is a downside of GSM trackers which give such a wealth of information. There is no reason to think there are grounds for concern. For the moment we’ll hope VY stays safe and thrives and eventually we will catch up with her activity – although it could be Spring 2017!

Over the next couple of days there’ll be reviews of 7H and UV’s activity in September.

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