VY still explores the Casamance River

After an early data download yesterday it was a late afternoon one today and VY has not moved very far. Especially today. Here is her travel yesterday.

21 Sept: VY continues upriver

21 Sept: VY continues upriver

VY was quite late as usual setting out and flew at mainly high altitude – up to over 600m above terrain – until after she had passed Ziguinchor just before noon. Thereafter she concentrated on the river for a while and then sat for over an hour from noon. A catch, perhaps? She headed away at 13.09 UTC rising to over 700m above the terrain before heading down a tributary and finding her roost area.

Today she travelled back up the tributary to the river with stops along the way before starting a trip east then south – the last fix was 15.20.

VY explores

VY explores

We’ll try to assess whether VY has hunted successsfully but her energy expenditure in flying at high altitude indicates she’s fine.


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