Another country for VY’s list. Plus links to fascinating reading and watching!

The latest data on VY shows she stopped short of Kaolack last night, roosting 23 km to the east. This morning she headed south at first and flew low along a short stretch of the Saloum river before carrying on in a SSW direction until she reached The Gambia. She has done a lot of exploring which will be examined over the weekend.

Here is her route today.

18 Sept: VY in The Gambia

18 Sept: VY into The Gambia

She crossed the border at 14.39 UTC after a short stop within 3 km of the wintering grounds of Rothiemurchus, one of Roy Dennis’ ospreys, whose data ceased early this year after a very good innings for a tracker. We’ll look at what VY did in the area in the weekend post.

VY had several stops today although at other times she flew at high altitudes.

She had just paused when the last fix was made at 16.33.

VY explores north of the Gambia river

VY explores north of the Gambia river

Whilst we wait to see what VY does next, you may remember her position on 16 September at 15.00 was highlighted in the last post. This is why.

Comparison between Loch of the Lowes' FR4 and VY FR4 data (c) SWT

Comparison between Loch of the Lowes’ FR4 and VY
FR4 data (c) SWT

The distance apart was 56 km. Their paths were closer during their migrations, but not at the same time. Paul has written a fascinating article about the reason the routes were so similar.

He has also made another animation – VY’s crossing of the Haut Atlas Mountains on 9 September. It is quite stunning. We are extremely grateful for all Paul’s work.


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